Manchester, UK
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Manchester attractions

Manchester is a city with a big heart and a big appetite for fun, style, industry and innovation. Whether its sport, music, art, nightlife or science and industry, in Manchester you always will find beautiful and exciting attractions.

Every Manchester tour or sightseeing expedition is complete with a visit to the grade one listed Manchester Town Hall. This amazing example of Victorian architecture, with its gothic spires and menacing gargoyles, is one of the most visited attractions in Manchester.

Those who are interested in history should visit Manchester museums, which number among the best in the country. One of them is the Manchester Museum that houses some of the most notable ancient Egyptian artefacts. Other popular exhibits include the Lindow man, an iron age Briton discovered naturally preserved in a peat bog. Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) is a good place to learn about Manchester's impressive industrial heritage. The museum is housed in five listed buildings and includes collections ranging from early textile machinery to modern X-ray equipment, while the People's History Museum showcases the hardships and lifestyles of Britain's working class during the industrial revolution.

A good example of the new futuristic architecture in Manchester is Urbis at Cathedral Gardens. This gleaming angular structure provides a startling contrast to the red brick buildings surrounding it. Here you will find exhibitions celebrating city life; especially street art, urban music, photography and design.

Other recommended Manchester art galleries include The Whitworth Art Gallery, which has long been recognised as one of the best fine art spaces in Manchester and the Manchester Art Gallery, that is one of the city's major tourist attractions, housing an internationally famous collection. If you're interested in Manchester sport attractions, Manchester is your city. World Famous for its professional football teams, don't miss visiting Old Trafford and perhaps catch an English Premier League game. And don't forget to wear red!

Manchester is also known for its rich musical history. Here you can find a huge number of city centre music venues or a live music venue like the Manchester Evening News Arena that can out gross any other venue in the world for ticket sales. Pick up a musical landmark map from tourist bureaus and embark on a musical discovery tour in Manchester!

If you are considering coming to Manchester, find some of the city's urban attractions recommended here and make your stay even more memorable.